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Clickindia is only involved in hosting the advertisement of various users, just like an advertisement in a newspaper or a magazine, and neither vouches for the quality or specification of the products/services of in any manner nor are involved in any manner in respect of the transaction between the users.
We suggest you follow these safety tips before entering into any transaction:
Please be aware about Job Scams and Frauds

Getting a job helps you meet the many financial and emotional needs and brings in stability and comfort. However, many scammers try to defraud genuine job seekers.

Few things that you should keep in mind when applying for a job:

a. Never pay for the job
These agencies may ask you to pay an amount upfront for scheduling an interview / investment / training / Documentation / Job kit, etc. Genuine companies take money from employees
b. Do your own research
Learn about the recruiter, look them up on the internet and understand if the job profile and company are for real.
c. There is nothing like easy money
Anything that looks too good to be true is probably what it is - Not true. Do not fall for easy money like extraordinary high remuneration for the profile that you have applied for among other things.
d. Avoid consultants who are impressed with your CV and want to sell you
If a consultant says that they can get you a job for a fee, then you should avoid them. Generally, consultants receive compensation from the employers.
e. Avoid upfront payments
Agencies that promise you anything but for an upfront fee, please avoid.



•  Always do a through research of the product you intent to buy
•  Ask as many questions as you have about the product
•  Insist on inspecting the product on your own before buying
•  Meet the seller at a public place before buying the product
•  Cash is the best form of payment in a transaction through classifieds


•  Don't disclose your personal information to the seller in your initial conversation
•  Don't be afraid to cancel the deal if you find something fishy
•  Don't buy the product unless you have seen it physically
•  Avoid meeting the seller in a secluded area
•  Avoid sharing your credit card or bank account details



•  Always provide correct and detailed information
•  Answer the buyer's queries to generate his or her interest in your offer
•  Be sure about the buyer's identity and purpose before closing deal
•  Meet the buyer in person in a public place before closing the deal


•  Avoid committing something which is not present in the product/service
•  Don't disclose personal information unless you are sure about buyer's intention
•  Don't be afraid to ask the buyer about his purpose of buying the product
•  Avoid meeting the buyer in a secluded area
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